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Columbia Gorgeous Regular

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The family is growing!

Our newest edition to the Columbia Gorgeous family includes Regular, Medium, and DemiBold, along with improved versions of Bold and Light.

The impetus behind Columbia Gorgeous was creating a typeface that has the modern, crispness of Gotham mashed up with the geometric typefaces of the 1920s and 30s (Futura and its spawn, Century Gothic). The goal was to create something that looked like it might be on the glass at the street level of a downtown office building in circa 1930 Manhattan while at the same time look at home in a high quality brand today.

The capital C, O and G, big, round bowls to open up the space and kept some other characters relatively narrow, to mimic some of the qualities of Futura. It maintains fairly healthy-sized bowls on the R, B and D that are more to the proportion of Gotham.

In the end, Columbia Gorgeous has a level of both downtown elegance and a kind of roaring twenties, pre-depression era gaiety that is found in the lowercase letters (juice jelly jam laughing fun). It could have its place in most designer’s quiver for just that right retro flavor when needed.

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