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Simple Electronic Pop-up Books using Paper Circuits

An Electronic Pop-up Book created using copper tape and LEDs

With some simple sticker-backed electronics and copper tape, anyone can create simple paper circuits to create all sorts of creative projects, including pop-up books.

When people usually think of creating circuits, they tend to think of soldering wires together on some silicon surface. This usually requires special knowledge and equipment. Plus soldering irons get hot and create fumes, which is not always accessible to children or people with allergies. This also is a barrier to learning even the most basic concepts of electronics.

Luckily a lot has changed.

A new take on analog technology

An Electronic Pop-up Book created using paper circuits, copper tape, and LEDs
One of Susan Lowdermilk’s electronic pop-up books. Created using copper tape and LEDs to create a unique artist book. Photo courtesy of Susan Lowdermilk.

A variety of tools developed in recent years makes this technology accessible to a wider audience, particularly for those trying to learn. Companies like Circuit Scribe and Chibitronics allow children and adults alike create simple circuits using paper. These paper circuits, combined with basic accessories like LED’s and sticker circuits, you can create interactive and playful cards and drawings. This creates a novel way to learn technology in an approachable and fun way.

Artist books offer an perfect canvas for these paper circuits, offering opportunities to create unique and one-of-a-kind art objects. Type Club’s mini workshop will demonstrate a few basic pop-up book techniques and use simple adhesive backed electronic circuitry and LED lights to create an unique pop-up card. A true work of art.

A mini workshop using paper circuits

Type Club is hosting a mini workshop where participants will learn a few basic pop-up book techniques and use simple adhesive backed electronic circuitry and LED lights to create an illuminated pop-up card. We will explore fun ways to use technology, as well as some examples of using them in handmade books.

This workshop is free to all participants with all materials provided, thanks to those who have made donations to Type Club as well as the generous support of Susan Lowdermilk. A variety of transparent materials as well as card stock will be available to experiment with. Limited refreshments will be available.

No previous experience in book making or electronic circuits is required. Check out the following links for inspiration!

21st Century Notebooking

Introduction to Chibitronics circuits

An example of Electronic Pop-up Book created using paper circuits, copper tape, and LEDs that is similar to what will be made during Type Club's upcoming workshop
An electronic pop-up book created by Susan Lowdermilk. Using copper tape and LEDs, Susan creates a unique experience in artist books. Photo courtesy of Susan Lowdermilk.

Register today

The electronic pop-up book workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at Lane Community College. It start promptly at 5:30pm and will likely go until around 8pm. Limited refreshments will be available.

Poster for Type Club's Free Electronic Popup Book Workshop
Electronic Popup Book Workshop Poster

The hosting location and cost of materials limits this workshop to 15 participants. If you register and later decide you cannot attend, please email us at so we can allow someone else to register.

For more information, and to register for this workshop, please use this form at

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