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The Creation of a Font: Columbia Gorgeous

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The Columbia Gorgeous typeface and font emerged from the re-branding of our company, Madison Design to Madison Design Company (for web domain reasons). We thought that with the added word, “Company,” it seemed to call for a slightly retro vibe, maybe with the abbreviation, “Co.,” in place of the full word. For my muse, I looked at the modern, crispness of Gotham and mashed it up with the geometric typefaces, Futura and Century Gothic— in the latter case it mostly informed the lighter weight. I wanted something that looked like it might be on the glass at the street level of a downtown office building in Manhattan in the 1930s while at the same time look at home in a high quality brand today.

Initial Starts and inspiration on the Monoline Master of Columbia Gorgeous Bold Font and Typeface
A screen shot of my work page as I started my monoline master (my type is at bottom and also in large, all caps at roughly center.

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